A soundtrack of tough, smoky rock with an edge sharp enough to draw blood. The dark twang of guitarist Big John Bates and bowed bass of Brandy Bones craft haunting, metaphoric tales that are calling for lost souls. With drummer Ty-Ty the Saviour and psyche violinist RequiEmily, the Noirchestra has been casting their spell over hundreds of epic chamber-punk performances across Europe, North America and Japan since 2012.

Big John Bates appears on movie and TV soundtracks as well as being featured in coffee-table books and glossy magazines worldwide. The albums chart on campus radio across Canada, NPR in the USA and community radio in Europe – the band even appears on Netflix’s Sci-Fi series Snowpiercer. (2020). John was also the founding singer of thrash-metal pioneers Annihilator, penning their biggest songs including WTYD, Alison Hell and King of the Kill. While the rest of the band waits out the pandemic in Vancouver, John is writing new songs in his floating studio aboard the Caleuche and Brandy is working as a tattoo artist in Germany.