Chamber-Punk or Americana Noir the Noirchestra (led by guitarist/singer Big John Bates) is more than just Rock’n’Roll, Metal, Psyche or Rustic Punk. With upright bassist/vocalist Brandy Bones, violinist RequiEmily and drummer Ty-Ty the Saviour; their 2019 LP “Skinners Cage” (Rookie Records) is an album full of surprises.

There is no stopping Big John Bates. Even if you’ve never had the chance to see the Noirchestra on stage, you’ve probably already heard about their amazing live performance. After playing hundreds of shows across North America, Europe and Japan, seamlessly blending symphonic punk into Americana Noir to create their own unique style.

With elements of the heavy noir of 2015’s “From the Bestiary” and the rustic punk of 2012’s “Battered Bones” 2019’s “Skinners Cage” also uses psyche, metal and punk to underscore the very human passion of rock’n’roll.

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Big John Bates has a genre-spanning career including international thrash metal icons (Annihilator), garage/burlesque innovators (Voodoo Dollz) and alt rockers (Bates Motel).