“What Bates does (on Skinners Cage) is beyond inclusion and impossible to compare – it’s fucking extreme and brilliant.” 
– GoTo Magazine (Berlin)

Big John Bates is a musician long known for heavy rock’n’roll – a style the Noirchestra calls “Americana Noir”. Their 2019 lP “Skinners Cage” was created out of riffs and vocals by Big John Bates and Brandy Bones, powered by Ty-Ty’s percussive soundscapes and adorned with RequiEmily’s chamber-punk violins.

There are elements from the noir of 2015’s “From the Bestiary” and the rustic punk of 2012’s “Battered Bones” but Skinners Cage is a work of passion, of stolen moments in studios in Germany and Canada and of focusing on the ten intense tracks. The Noirchestra has truly earned its devilish name and brings a one-of-a-kind live show to North America, Europe and Japan.

“Relentless, film noir-inspired, Dracula-awaking grooves”
– Beatroute Magazine (Vancouver)

Listen to BJB now on Bandcamp or Spotify .

Big John Bates has a career that spans decades and genres including international thrash metal icons (Annihilator), garage/burlesque innovators (Voodoo Dollz) and Canadian alt rockers (Bates Motel).