“What Bates does (on Skinners Cage) is beyond inclusion and impossible to compare – it’s fucking extreme and brilliant.” 
– GoTo Magazine (Berlin)

“All the Devils is the opening track and first video from the new Big John Bates LP “Skinners Cage”. The song is a ragged rocker but instead of a hyper-amped guitar, an insane violin drives the track.” Stuart Derdeyn (Vancouver Sun)

Big John Bates is a musician long known for heavy music and his Noirchestra nails that with 2019’s “Skinners Cage”. It was born of the riffs and vocals by Big John Bates and Brandy Bones, powered by Ty-Ty’s percussive soundscapes and adorned with RequiEmily’s chamber-punk violins.

There are elements from the noir of 2015’s “From the Bestiary” and the rustic punk of 2012’s “Battered Bones” but Skinners Cage moves in a world of it’s own. Recording was a work of passion, of stolen moments in studios in Germany and Canada and focusing on the ten intense tracks. On “Skinners Cage” the Noirchestra truly earns its devilish name.

Big John Bates is infamous for bringing intense live performances across North America, Europe and Japan – catch the Noirchestra on their 5-week European tour from May 20th to June 24th.

“Relentless, film noir-inspired, Dracula-awaking grooves”
– Beatroute Magazine (Vancouver)

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Big John Bates has a career that spans decades and genres including international thrash metal icons (Annihilator), garage/burlesque innovators (Voodoo Dollz) and Canadian alt rockers (Bates Motel).