The Noirchestra is currently in their studio on board the Caleuche in Vancouver, completing their new LP “Skinners Cage”. Drums and bass were recorded in August 2018 at Monkey Cage Studios in Wilhelmshaven. The official release date in March 2019 to be followed by tours beginning in Spring 2019.

“We created our Americana Noir sound from the dead things that Brandy Bones drug in from the gothic country of her native Montana. From the rusty riffs Big John Bates uncovered in some dark garage in the Ottawa Valley. The lyrics are rustic paintings partially obscured by spiderwebs swirling around Ty-Ty’s drone-rock soundscapes and RequiEmily’s post-punk violins.” – Big John Bates & Brandy Bones

The Noirchestra was imagined by Brandy and Annihilator co-founder John Bates in 2010. Their first two LPs were released on Germany’s Rookie Records & Alternative Tentacles. Endless touring across North America, Japan and Western Europe has seen their “relentless, film noir-inspired, Dracula-awaking grooves” wholly embraced by the rustic punk underground  – Beatroute Magazine (July 2017)

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