Thursday April 12 – Blue Grotto – Kamloops, BC
Saturday April 14 – Spirit Bar – Nelson BC

Big John Bates: Noirchestra
 brings a driven and spectacular show to every club, festival and stage they play. So much so that the band has taken their show to audiences across North America, Japan and Europe since 2012, leaving fans burning from the “relentless, film noir-inspired, Dracula-awaking grooves” – Beatroute Magazine (July 2017)

The Noirchestra is based on the dual vocals of dark alternative guitarist Big John Bates and Brandy Bones – who rules her upright bass with an iron bow … while RequiEmily saws melodies out of psychedelic violins and Ty-Ty punishes his timpani percussion.

“We created Americana Noir from the dead things that Brandy drug in from the gothic country of her native Montana. From the rusty riffs John uncovered in some dark garage in the Ottawa Valley. From black metal soundscapes and lyrics influenced by rustic paintings partially obscured by spiderwebs.” – John & Brandy

Listen now at Spotify, SoundCloud or Bandcamp.

The Noirchestra was originally imagined by (Annihilator co-founder) Big John Bates and Brandy Bones in Cascadia in 2010. Their first LP was released on Rookie Records in 2012 & they’re currently working on their third LP to be recorded in Germany in Summer 2018.

bigjohnbates @ gmail.com