Live Reviews

The Scene Magazine – Halifax Pop Explosion

The mic stands were adorned with animal skulls. The vocal duo of Brandy and John was intricate, and they shared the duties well while the technical skill overall was incredible. Straight up, this was one of the best live sets I have ever seen. Every time something awesome happened, it would get one-upped by something even more insane. It was an “anything goes” show. Every second was a memorable moment, I dreamt about it that night. It was the definition of “putting on a show”. Blew my face off with such a sick combination of gritty riffs, interesting vocal arrangements and stage presence.

Music Examiner – CMW Showcase

Big John Bates has moved to dark roots rock as evidenced by their opening song “Amerkin”, a track with a soul-shaking beat. And while the music may have changed, the intensity and fervor of this band’s live performance has not. Bones shines in all her sultry, gothic temptress glory. She is the true master of her massive bass, using it as not only a tool to make music but as an instrument of seduction. “Taste the Barrel” showcased Bones’ eerily whispery vocals, accompanied by Bates’ banjo-sounding guitar, giving the song a true dark country feel.