Limited, multicolored vinyl! The title “Sinners Cage” would be more fitting for the new (and already the third) album from John Bates and his sinister companions, because the high priest of the Americana Noir preaches his dark tracts with the fervour of a confessor. Known for making music in dark regions, these 10 new tracks evoke a nostalgic aura. The panting theremin that menaced early rock’n’roll appears on tracks like “All the Devils”, evoking an eerie 50s sci-fi atmosphere. There are also lascivious-sinister duets with bassist Brandy Bones and the band performs three well-known songs as intriguing covers. The Marianne Faithfull hit “Broken English” becomes a raven-black sermon, the Dead Moon classic “Dead Moon Night” is a blues rock tribute with a voice of smoke and black tobacco – and the Kurt Weill classic “Moon of Alabama” (made famous by the Doors) becomes a nightmarish lullaby for the undead. As always, Bates’ recording is in love with the details; his Gretsch guitars sound eerie chords and the style on this record is a bit more symphonic. Country, Rhythm n’Blues, Folk, Murder Ballads, Cowpunk, Surf and Americana all breathe the same air as Sixteen Horsepower, Slim Cessna or Hank Williams III. A feverish dream in the shallows of the uncanny and his most varied album so far.