BJB – not for English just!

Here are a few reviews of the new album that we used Google Translate to have a little fun with. Hope you get a kick out of them and if you find some try it yourself and send us the results.

PLANET NR – Alternative Records (AUSTRIA – June 2015)
The band around mastermind John Bates plays Rock’n’ Roll whose atmosphere is largely enriched by Dark Americana, Desert Rock, Blues and Country. The instrumentation includes not only Bates’ typical Gretsch guitars and drums but upright bass, percussion, mandolin and cello. The stirring songs give us the feelings of a powerful live performance. Very earthy music. Quality songwiting and complex arrangements make this album a great achievement as it could easily have been too difficult to understand. It’s hard to believe that Bates also was the first singer for the Canadian thrash metal legend Annihilator.

New album of this group’s particular style they define as ‘Southern-gotic-death-cult’. It is true that their mixture is thick and satiating for demanding connoisseurs! Americana, Cowpunk, Garage, Death Folk, Rockabilly, Blues, Jive … Imagine a Wovenhand which has ceased to be totally boring jamming with the Gun Club under the auspices of Diablo Swing Orchestra … do you struggle to represent what that means to you? Then throw yourself on Big John Bates is really the foot, although intense and deep! Discovery & heart stroke!

PUNKROCK #24 (GERMANY – June 2015)
The fact that this album was recorded on John’s houseboat is probably also reflected sonically because of this already dizzy sound. The songs are arranged and waiting with cool – and plenty of percussion and a cello. Calling the sound Southern Gothic Death Cult is no accident, as here From Dusk til Dawn was apparently set to music. The term I did not know until reading the info-slip, but when the album opens up we hear that immediately. The songs with bassist Brandy Bones singing on main vocals personally affect me better, but John’s deep voice comes across very well and theatrically in the mix. Definitely an album that seems to get better with repeated listening and thanks to the many facets we do not get bored. Here’s to each spin bringing something new to discover.