In another life he was singer and founding member of Canadian Thrash Metal band Annihilator, since then Big John Bates has played Blues, Garage, Americana, Billy, Trash – just flat-out Rock’n’Roll. And it seems he’s finally found his place.

Whether Big John Bates is with Brandy Bones Bates or with the burlesque show Voodoo Dollz it’s always a guarantee for wild, hot concerts and a real show. On the last tour Rookie Records released two brand-new songs on color, hand-pressed vinyl for the “Black Timber” 7″.

On the title track “Black Timber” Big John Bates sings about the passing of time, a beautiful song with the usually high quality we expect of him. On “Bitterroot” Brandy Bones Bates uses her vocal diversity to sing about life as an outsider. On this song Brandy’s voice is somewhere between fragility and melancholy; and this outsider expresses those feelings perfectly with tight, powerful vocals. Good songs, good musicians and beautiful presentation.

**** Frost (4/5 stars)