Big John Bates’ 13 favourite tracks from their 2012 releases were compiled on Sept 13, 2013 as The Headless Fowl LP. These are the songs that pioneered their explosive gothic-indie-roots sound – a style they call “Americana Noir” and introduced the vocals of Brandy Bones. Here it is, in the highest quality digital format for a mere $7 bucks from Bandcamp – and also at iTunes if you prefer.

Headless Fowl LP

The Bandcamp download also includes two amazing videos from Hora Morior that were shot to accompany the album. If you don’t have Battered Bones or Headless Fowl this is your chance to grab the songs you’re missing or you can cherry pick as you like. Drop us a line if there’s anything you’d like to see included or just to say what’s up.